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SCARY ROTTEN FARMS Will be closed the 2023 HAUNT SEASON as we relocate for the ’24... BIGGER SCARIER and BLOODIER !!!


Delirium's Requiem
A TORTURED LIFE...DOOMED from the start. TEASED and VICTIMIZED. His LOVE unrealized...His TWISTED heart turned to stone. Dellas lives his life behind the MASK he wore as a child...INFLICTING PAIN AND REVENGE ON ALL!!!


Jacob Sneed’s first foray into the realm of bargaining with the Devil seemed fruitless—yet as his traveling carnival teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, Sneed faced little choice other than to beg the Prince of Darkness to save his doomed festival-on-wheels. But what possible use could the Devil have for pathetic Sneed or his carnival? None—or so it appeared. The diabolical chief of the demons denied his request, leveraging the weak mind of Sneed and driving the pathetic has-been of a businessman to slash his own throat. But Lucifer, the master of deception, knew what he was doing. Upon Sneed's death the Devil reconsidered, bestowing immortality upon the unsuspecting Sneed. Of course, this came with a price… all bargains with the Tempter must come with a price. Though now enslaved to the Devil, Sneed reluctantly has accepted the dictates of his covenant and has embarked upon his CHAOTIC CARNIVAL OF CHAOS FROM TOWN TO TOWN BEGINNING WITH YOURTOWN, where he has commenced the gathering of helpless souls for the Devil. So enter SINISTER SNEED’S CHAOTIC CARNIVAL OF CHAOS at your own risk and relinquish the notion that you will ever return home. Simply accept the joyless dread that your dwindling days of life now offer, as your exit IS NOT GUARANTEED!!!!!

Remembering your favorite childhood fairy tales brought to life ... Wander through lands of long ago... To a time of innocence... BUT something doesn’t seem right ? A nefarious EVIL has invaded this land and TWISTED these tales into a horrifying abyss . Your childhood memories will be your darkest nightmares as you walk through this living HELL!

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#4 Top Fan-Voted "Must-See" Haunt in New Jersey


  • Each Attraction: $18
  • Combo (2 Haunts): $30
  • Mega Combo (3 Haunts): $40
  • VIP Combo (Skip the Line): $50


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